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Miguel Arboleda

Don't forget <a href="http://www.benscafe.com/ja/index.html"> Ben's Cafe</a> in Takadanobaba. It used to be owned by an American. It is a meeting place for Japanese and foreigners and is a great place to just meet and talk to people around you. It has a free internet system (bring your notebook PC) and great home-made pastries. On the last two Sundays of the month there are poetry readings. Taniguchi Junichiro once reaad there.

Fujiko Suda

Great! Thank you for the introduction. I'll check the place out. There's something about these public gathering places, "the third place". What came to mind are cafe stories around Paris, Ben Franklin planning the revolution there, Ernest Hemingway hanging out with his friends there, great many artists sharing their enthusiasms. No different in Japan, time tested, generations tested.

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