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You know, Fujiko... reading your words and your philosophy of life I always look back at myself and think, "How petty I am." I complain about so much, when I could be looking at my life the way you do and find peace with myself. Over the months that I've read your blog I've come to think that you are one of the most peaceful and happy people I've ever come in contact with. Sometimes it's so beautiful to read that it shakes my soul. (honestly, I'm not exaggerating). Whatever you might say about your physical beauty, your heart is like a quiet white light. When I read your words I have to ask myself why I always return to the things that hurt. Perhaps I am looking too far away?

Fujiko Suda

Miguel, you are kind..... When I read your blog and your comments, I see you as someone who cares very deeply, someone who is passionate, someone who knows how to feel. I admire your courage in saying and doing things that you feel are right. I think it is someone like you who changes the world. I may sound like I am happy and peaceful in words, but in day-to-day living, I am continuously struggling. It's just that I seem to have developed a way to converse with myself, to stop from hurting or being sad for too long. I started doing this in my journal many years ago. I may go round and round, but most of the time, I allow positive words to end each entry. By doing so, no matter how things actually happened, at least my past is punctuated with hope.

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